11 Best Freelance Game Designers Hire in 48 Hours

Or is it a lifelong dream to make a fantasy world akin to The Legend of Zelda? As with any project, it’s always a good idea to create a clear structure from the get go. His aesthetic sense is spot on, and he seems to be able to anticipate our needs before we even know what they are. He’s taken the time to understand both our company and our clientele, and his solutions are consistently in-line with our values, interests, and our customers’ needs.

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The best way to get a clear idea if the designer is able to fulfil your vision is by having a deep dive into their portfolio. If you are unclear on how you would like the game to appear, looking through someone’s portfolio is also a great way to get inspired. Once you have chosen your designer, you can refer to their portfolio by picking out elements of past projects that you like. Darko did a great job figuring out the user architecture for our concept, which led him to produce terrific wireframes.

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I know I could do it, but never has my employer asked, “Hey, make us a game for Christmas next year — your choice, just so long as it sells well.” Still, I’ve been more fortunate than most. Exactly once during my 15 years in the industry, I was able to talk a company into doing “my idea.” Another indicator of a good designer is that he or she feels no obligation to be original. The real pros understand the value of reusing ideas that have worked in the past.

hire a game designer

More than once, I’ve invited play testers into a specific project on a probationary basis, just to see what they could do as an assistant designer. On occasion, I’ve been pleasantly surprised, and the person has gone on http://fan-travel.ru/index.php?p=174 to a happy and successful career in design. Other times, I’ve seen my worst fears confirmed and had the unpleasant task of telling a person that their skills, abilities, and/or knowledge were insufficient to do the job.

Think about the kind of game you want to create

In the meantime, you can share your comment with others to let more people know what you think. I am a member of a band and we write our own music which we rehearse weekly. My peers often tell me I am a funny, kind and approachable person and I get on well with my teachers. I am also very much a completionist, and like to see tasks completed… I am a graduate form Full Sail University with my BS degree in Game Design. I am making the next steps to enter my new full time career in the game industry.

hire a game designer

A topic-challenged designer may need months to read and research enough to become a semi-expert. A designer who is familiar with the subject can immediately start thinking about how subject and game play might converge. For example, my current employer, Interactive Magic, publishes numerous contemporary and historical games with a military theme. We expect our designers to bring some background to this field and have fairly decent gaming experience within it.

What to Look For in a Freelance Game Designer

Many people criticized DIABLO for being NET-HACK or ROGUE with cool graphics and sound. The DIABLO team had the wisdom to take a well-proven idea and do it really, really well. A designer who ignores such lessons and insists on constant novelty is a financial disaster waiting to happen. Today, games are created by teams of artists, programmers, designers, and increasingly a sound specialist. In both the interview and the reference check, be sure to probe for their attitudes towards others.

  • Once you’ve nailed your brief, go one step further and create a time plan to give regular feedback so that you both stay on track.
  • A designer who is familiar with the subject can immediately start thinking about how subject and game play might converge.
  • Cover art, Illustration, design, Traditional painting, teaching….everything regarding art interests me.
  • Becoming a game designer isn’t usually an occupation you fall into just because of your childhood love of The Sims.
  • Currently working part time as a Customer Service Assistant at One Stop.

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